The benefits of a serviced office for business owners

Renting a serviced office can be very beneficial for business owners. Atomic Workspace provide fully-equipped serviced offices in Nottingham which feature a whole range of amenities, from meeting rooms to a kitchen. Conventional leased office space can include maintenance, facility costs and the installation of furniture whereas a serviced office provides all of these within the rental cost.

Although there are a variety of offices to rent in Nottingham, we feel the benefits of Atomic Workspace are too good to miss.

Key benefits of the Atomic Workspace serviced offices

  1. Our serviced offices in Nottingham offer flexible, short-term leases. We allow for businesses to be agile and ensure your company can expand or reduce at short notice. There is a 1 month deposit fee and 1 month’s notice is required before moving out, it really is that simple.
  2. Atomic Workspace’ office space in Nottingham has proven to be cost-effective for current businesses. You only pay for the space you need in one of our serviced offices and your space comes fully furnished with high quality equipment.
  3. Due to their being a competitive market for office spaces to rent in Nottingham, we felt the need to set ourselves aside from the rest and a great way of doing this was to facilitate all of your needs to run a business. Your success is our priority and the benefits of our office space in Nottingham represent this.

Atomic Workspace’ office space to rent in Nottingham is a great opportunity for a range of businesses. Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs can find office space in Nottingham without being tied down to long-term contracts and hidden costs. The space is also perfect for businesses experiencing growth, if the company has outgrown the conventional leased office, our offices can provide a great opportunity for an interim space to be filled.

With prices starting from £80 per week, start or expand your journey with Atomic Workspace. Contact us today to find out more about our office space to rent in Nottingham.