How personal office spaces boost productivity

How personal office spaces boost productivity

As the demand for freelance workers continues to grow and more and more people choose to swap their 9-to-5 jobs for a flexible working lifestyle. Finding the space to carry out a business also becomes increasingly difficult. There are a whole host of reasons freelance work and entrepreneurship is a growing sector but . The benefits a personal serviced workspace offers, that are hard to come by when working from home, continue to make them highly desirable.

Distraction free

Although working from home or at a coffee shops are a serviceable options for the short term, they are often not the best place for your most productive work. With many distractions like blaring speakers, other customers, a comfy bed or easy access to a snack filled fridge, it can be difficult to work in a space which is not built to encourage productivity.

Presentation Matters

Working at home is the most cost-effective way to start your small freelance hustle, however, when your business starts to take off its worth considering an upgrade.

Office spaces are the best option for a business looking to minimise their costs but still have the ability to impress their clients. Atomic Workspaces provide immaculate meeting rooms, enabling you to present in a professional space that puts you ahead of the competition.

First impressions count in business. So if you’re meeting with clients in person, a professional office space is highly advised.

Always connected

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to tackle a job and realising you’ve lost internet connection, or worse yet power. With a serviced office space dealing with everything from your internet connection to replacing toilet paper is taken care of for you.  Leaving you with more time to focus on your work and less time worrying about caring for your office space.

Having the Right Mindset

Investing in your own office space allows you to focus on your business goals. Separating your personal life from your work life can help you to focus better due to the clear divide between the two. Not only that, you can leave all your hard work at the desk before you go home to shut off from your career. Trying to do everything from one space blurs the lines between what is work and play.

Are you a freelancer or starting a new business? If you require a fantastic serviced office space, contact us and book a viewing.