Our previous rental experiences

When AtomicMedia first started out as a company we rented several different offices which lacked character and were soulless. This type of rooms can lead you to feeling unmotivated and lack ambition, we at AtomicMedia wanted to change that.

Our offices for rent provide fully furnished rooms for 1-4 people, they have character and are enjoyable to work in. Both Atomic House and Atomic Studios are friendly environments and are accommodating for fellow businesses within the building. We feel our rooms will allow your business to thrive, become creative and driven by success, no one wants to work in a dull environment which is why we took it upon ourselves to provide office space to rent which would be vibrant.
A well-presented and friendly workspace is a great way to develop your business, it allows you to be comfortable within your space and you can feel comfortable negotiating with clients. At Atomic House and Atomic Studios we have a range of rooms which have space for 1-4 people in but with some moving around, 6 people can easily fit in.

If you find your current workplace dull and lacking in character, or whether you are looking for a new office to rent in Nottingham, contact AtomicMedia today, we want to help you thrive as a business.