5 questions to ask before renting a serviced office space

Due to the more conventional offices having long term leases, lots of businesses now require more flexible terms. Serviced office spaces are a great way of having a flexible contract whilst also maintaining a professional environment. If you are looking for serviced offices in Nottingham you will want to know what questions to ask the owner before you finalise the deal.

What type of lease do they offer?

You will want to know the minimum duration of stay and the notice required at the serviced office you are interested in, most serviced offices in Nottingham require 3-12 month leases with one month’s notice. We require one month’s notice and are very flexible with our leasing. There is no minimum stay here, all that’s required is one month’s deposit.

Is there a possibility to expand/downsize my space?

One great factor of our serviced offices is the possibility to expand or reduce your office space. As we offer flexible leases there is often the chance to rent out an extra room when another business leads, this allows for you to grow and expand your business without the worry of having to move out0. If you are looking for an office furnished office space to rent in Nottingham then you’ll want to know the answer to this.

What amenities are included?

The majority of serviced offices will provide a range of amenities as it is a great way of securing rentals. We offer a great range of amenities which include access to the meeting room and a fully furnished office. Take a look at our previous blog post which assesses the benefits of a serviced office for business owners.

Who do I contact on a day-to-day basis?

We recommend that you speak to the owner of the serviced office for rent in order to find out who you should contact on a day-to-day basis. If you have any queries this should be the person you contact, this will help you build a strong relationship with the owner.

Are there any hidden costs?

If the rent appears to be extremely cheap you’ll want to find out if there’s any additional costs. Lots of companies that provide office space to rent will add charges for WiFi, Cleaning, Parking and more.

Here at Atomic we provide serviced offices in Nottingham for a low price, not only do we provide fantastic amenities, we also have no hidden costs. If you are looking for office space to rent in Nottingham then contact us today, as well as a flexible lease, you’ll also be provided with a fully furnished office space.