4 tips on how to make the most of your office space

You may not realise it, but small changes around the office can have a huge hidden impact on employee morale and productivity. Simply rearranging your office can not only benefit offices culture but also your staff’s productivity and engagement with their work.

Below are 4 simple tips to make the most of your office space to increase productivity, mood and morale.

Choosing the right office accessories

An important question to ask yourself before adding new office accessories is, do you already have too many?

Often times defunct office equipment can clutter and take up space in a small office. Getting rid of office equipment that is no longer needed can free up much-needed space, making room for more useful bits.

A golden rule for office accessories is multifunctionality and compactness. Need a printer and a scanner? Get a printer that can do both. Need somewhere to store files without reducing desk space? Try floor units or underhanging trays.

Maximise light

A dark room can make your office look smaller than it actually is. Not only can this be a bad look when you have clients over, but low light can negatively affect staff productivity.

Maximising light can be as simple as moving a large piece of furniture blocking a window, or rearranging your desks. In some cases, however, you may need to get creative. A combination of mirrors and lights is recommended when you don’t have much access to natural light.


Large desks are great for graphic designers and those in creative fields but for the rest of us, they’re usually unnecessary.

If you do require a large desk, be mindful of where you’re placing it. Whilst it may look appealing in a modern office, taking up lots of room is inefficient. Alternatively, you could use a space-saving desk. These can be installed on to walls, allowing them to be stored when you require more space.

In the modern office, standing desks are also becoming popular but having separate desks for standing and sitting will take up space. A good compromise would be to use desks that have the functionality to transform into a standing desk.

Go electronic

Going electronic means getting rid of the piles of paper stored in boxes, filing cabinets and cabinets that can clutter a workspace which usually takes up a lot of space in the office.

Scanning and storing electronic copies of physical paper documents can reduce the need for physical storage which can free up space in the office.

Still not enough space?
All of these tips can help your office free up some much-needed space. But if you find that after having applied all of these that you still tight for space then it might time for a bigger office.

If you are looking for a new office space Atomic have spacious and serviced office space that come with free meeting rooms facilities. Get in touch to book a viewing today.